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Jason S. Callahan, BS, MDiv, MS, BCC


Email: jcallahan@vcu.edu

Jason S. Callahan serves as an instructor in the Department of Patient Counseling, College of Health Professions, and as a chaplain for the Thomas Palliative Care Unit in VCU Massey Cancer Center. There, he provides pastoral care to patients, families and staff.

He holds an M.S. in Patient Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He is a Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains and is endorsed by The Humanist Society.  Prior to VCU, Jason worked as an advertising executive and as a counselor for individuals and families in crisis.  Recently Jason was featured on Interfaith Voices, the nation’s leading religion news magazine on public radio in a segment called “Humanizing Pastoral Care,” which was a part of an hour-long broadcast: “Chaplains Part IV:  Humanism at Harvard.”