Financial Aid

Students in Patient Counseling may qualify for Federal Financial Aid assistance. For more information, contact the VCU Department of Financial Aid.


A limited amount of scholarship assistance is available through various scholarships depending upon student candidacy. Interested students should submit an electronic letter requesting financial assistance to the Education Administrator and Director of Education in the Department of Patient Counseling.

  1. Robert B. Lantz Endowed Scholarship
  2. A.D. Williams

Student must be enrolled in the Clinical Pastoral Education training program

Alexander F. Tartaglia Student Scholarship

Student must be enrolled in the Graduate level Master of Science Program Internship component of program

Alexander F. Tartaglia Certified Educator Scholarship

Student must be a selected student committed to the Clinical Certified Educator training and have met with an ACPE regional candidacy committee

Student is enrolled in the Patient Counseling Department Certificate and/or Master of Science Internship

Commonwealth of VA

Student is enrolled at the graduate level Patient Counseling Department program and student must be enrolled in the Masters of Science Internship

Scholarship Applications and Disbursement

Scholarships are explained in a student’s letter of acceptance into the program. Student must submit a letter of need upon acceptance to program.  Letters of need are viewed and considered during the committee process for scholarship disbursement decisions.  

Scholarships are announced by a letter of notification to student during the 2nd week of a student's program. Student must sign and return before or on deadline date. Scholarships are processed by the Graduate School as submitted by department.